I fianlly updated my site. Not by building the Hugo site like planned but by dropping my content into a blank Jekyll template and republishing. Sorry this took so long.

Original Message:

My RSS feed is broken. I got an email pointing it out to me.

Hey man, I thought I should tell you about a problem with your RSS feed. The base URL is getting duplicated, so that all the links are rendered as https://n0pe.org/n0pe.org/2018/08/25/gnome-tools/ or similarly. (QuiteRSS parses them as https://n0pe.orgn0pe.org/2018/08/25/gnome-tools/, even worse because it’s not even pointed at the right server.)


I’m not going to fix it just yet. Instead I’m putting all my effort into getting my site migrated to Hugo.

So, you’ve been warned. RSS is borked but only for a little while longer.