I’ve really enjoyed the newest build of Firefox Quantum. Not only are some of the aesthetic changes improve the looks and usability of the browser but the speed and memory usage is probably the lowest on any modern browser.

Not only has it been the default browser on my desktop for the last few years but the mobile browser no longer feels like an afterthought. Syncing between tabs open on my desktop and phone are almost second nature now.

As a Gnome user I’m kinda bummed we don’t have full support for client side decorations yet. The browser kinda stands out with it’s over sized head. Though it’s reduced by the use of the Pixel Saver Gnome extension.

You’re probably already using it

If you’re on my blog there is probably a high chance you are a Linux user and a high chance you’re already using it. At this point I might just be preaching to the choir. However almost no one is using the mobile browser. Most usually use whatever browser comes pre-installed on their phones.

I will stop fanboying now.