Is the NSA all up in your business? Tired of Obama personally listening to your voice mail? Me neither.

We all care about privacy. And just because you “got nothing to hide” doesn’t mean you want just anyone snooping around your meta-data.

I recently started playing with one of the possible future solutions for private communication. Bitmessage uses code from Bitcoin and is completely decentralized. Unlike Bitcoin there is no meta data between addresses. It’s virtually untraceable communication.

Addresses are generated on the fly and are totally disposable. Messages only live in the network for about 3 days. If you only check your messages once a week you’ll likely miss something.

In my tests it seems to be just as fast a regular email. Missing from the client is the ability to attach files (not sure if it’ll even be implemented) and formatting. I never really liked stylized email anyways but I’m sure that will be a feature people want.

If this application will have the same type of disruption that Bitcoin had is to be seen but for the time being it’s an impressive proof-of-concept that works fairly well (When the app doesn’t crash that is).